Getting Basic Yoga and Mixing it Up

Yoga can be a great thing for your body. Not only do you have a great way of building flexibility and strength but it’s a good stress reliever. Time and time again we as people have a constant work schedule or family program that makes it hard to really concentrate on our inner needs. This can cause us to forget how to take care of ourselves not only in body but in mind. At the end of the day, yoga isn’t meant to be some super complex and strenuous activity. It’s meant to help develop and ease your daily stressors. That’s why there are some basic yoga movements that will help elongate your body and create a good theme for stress reduers. Here’s how to get some basic yoga in your life to mix things up a bit.

A Quick Introduction to Yoga


First, you can start by doing a child’s pose. Your knees are together in the mat and toes are touching together. Length your spine and do a stretch down with your arms and hands in front. This is a great resting pose to help you stretch out as well as get your breathing on point. Slowly get back up and go into a downward facing dog position. This helps you get your alignment together in a way to properly stretch. You use the width of the mat to press through the four corners of your palms. Your feet are hip-width apart and your spine aligns well. The crown of your head will reach the mat to fully express the position. Peddle out your feet at your own pace (take it slowly then build). Move your feet up slowly toward the end of the mat and get a good stretch while you inhale and exhale.

Doing a Sun Salutation

Keep going with the same breathing pattern and position as your inhale your arms up high for a mountain pose and then exhale with your hands down by your side. Inhale your arms high and make sure your palms are alive by spreading all ten of your fingers. Bring your hands together and comport forward, inhale halfway, lift, gaze coming forward.  Exhale again and put the right foot bak to the center of the mat while the left foot follows bringing you to the downward facing dog again. Repeat the paddling of your feet and look to your hands to float or walk your feet forward again. Repeat this movement as needed.

Getting into a Warrior Pose

Warrior is still foundation, but it’s a bit more advanced. This will really work your hip abductor. You can start by putting your feet and legs together with your hands in a downward dog motif. However, the difference is inhale/facing dog (basically a way to stretch your back in snake pose) then transition into a downward facing dog position. Inhale the right leg up and bring it down. Now keep the left foot flat in the back, and the right leg should touh your right hand. At a 45 degree angle, lift up both hands together  in the air for a “Warrior 1” pose.  Then open into a “Warrior 2” where your right arm stretches in front and the left hand stretches to the back. Take the right hand down to the inside of your right foot and the left hand goes straight up in the air for an extended side angle.