Shape your body with the Friday workouts

The intake of junk foods definitely result you in obesity and it is also capable to provide you some dangerous threats to your body. But, it is quite difficult to fully avoid such kinds of junk foods, because the taste of the junk foods is awesome. So, if you are not willing to avoid the food, you can go to another method to get out the risk of being overweight. In such a way, doing workouts is the best solution for getting rid of the problems. When it comes to doing workout, you need to know some essential things about your figure and the exercises. So, it is better to follow the weekly workout calendar to reduce the risk of overweight. Each day in a week may follow with some workouts and exercises and so you need to do them for getting the best results. In this article, you will see the exercises which you need to look hot in a hurry workout Friday in the most effective manner.


When you have decided to do the workout to improve the figure of your body, you need to know some essential things. So, the first and foremost thing you have to do is that focusing on the abs tight workout. When you have scheduled your workouts throughout the week, it is a beneficial thing to do the abs tight workout on Friday. This will give you a wonderful result in your appearance. In such a manner, some of the essential workouts, you have to do on Fridays.

  • Elongated crunch
  • Superman
  • Accordion
  • Tripod plank
  • Unicycle


To do the elongated crunch workout, you need to lie down on the floor and face up on the ground with the hands behind the head. Then, kick your legs up for few inches ground. Do this exercise for two times and repeat it as you wish. This exercise id used to keep your abs to be tight. It is important to note that you need to keep the heels on the floor with knees as slightly bent.
In the superman exercise, you need to keep the same posture as the elongated crunch, but the arms should be extended in front of you. Concurrently, lift your arms and legs to a few inches off the floor and hold it for 5 seconds. Then, repeat the procedure and this workout is used to shape your butt and back.


When you do the accordion workout, you need to sit on the floor with your legs, which are stretched and lean back 45 degrees. Furthermore, you have to place your hand on the floor behind you and the fingers should be pointed forward. Then, you need to lift your legs for a few inches off the floor to balance in a wide v position.


As the same way, the tripod plank is to be done and it is for providing the energy for shoulders, abs and back. Furthermore, the unicycle is also the best exercise and it targets the oblique and abs.