The Best ways to keep your Heart Healthy

A person’s heart is literally their connection to their life blood. Meaning that if your heart dies then so do you. That is of course unless you have a successful heart transplant. The point is that since the heart is such an important piece of equipment to our bodies and ultimately our lives, shouldn’t everyone be taking very good care of theirs? Here are a few things you should and should not be doing to keep your heart beating strong for a very long time.

Regular Physicals

To maintain the quality of life that you want, you should get a physical every year that includes a stress test for those over 40 years of age or younger for people with a genetic disposition or health issues. Early detection of possible warning signs could keep you from having a heart attack. Physicals should include blood tests, stress tests, and a thorough health history. Depending on your age and your fitness level, the doctors may decide to give you an electrocardiogram for diagnostic purposes.


Exercise keeps your heart pumping. This doesn’t mean that if you haven’t worked out in twenty years you should go run a marathon. It means that everyone should be exercising regularly to their own ability. It is important to mildly push your exercise routine in order to increase your stamina while also listening to your body in order to avoid injury or worse. Before you start your exercise regimen, you should meet with your doctor to discuss your personal health concerns and what they think would be your best course of action for implementing exercise into your daily routine.

Healthy Eating

If we are what we eat, then there are a lot of garbage cans walking around out there. Humans have diluted their daily diets from the natural healthy way of eating with commercially manufactured and fast foods. This is one of the main reasons for the increase in obesity which is a leading cause of heart disease. To have a healthy heart you must get back to eating as our farmer ancestors did; eating fresh produce, lean cuts of meat and protein, and lots of water. A recent study showed that 70% of the population is dehydrated to some extent. Think about what jerky looks like, tough, hard, and shriveled. That is what happens with dehydration, making it difficult for the body to perform its many functions adding strain to the heart.

Break Bad Habits

Smoking tobacco is deadly. Excessive Alcohol is deadly. We know all of these things, and yet there is still an entire social group out there who do these things regularly. These are two specific bad habits that have been directly linked to heart disease as well as other deadly diseases such as liver failure, stroke, and cancer. Your bad habits or naughty little indulgences could be killing you, so take the time to evaluate your lifestyle and make the changes needed to get back on the road to good health and a healthy heart.