The Key to Doing Pilates With a Reformer in Your Workout

Are you into pilates but maybe you want something a little more challenge with your body. Well, the reformer is a great machine that’s increasing in popularity due to it’s bed-like frame and resistance level. Pilates are a go-to workout for those that want to get a handle on the lower half of the body. However, some have incorporated this into a multi-body part work ranging from the lower body and upper body in certain cases. It’s a dynamic routine that can really push your core to reach a certain level outside of your basic sit ups. The reformer is a great help and there are hundreds of exercises you can do to maintain your stabilizing muscles. Here are some tips on how to use your reformer.

What is a Reformer?
This bed-like structure makes it comfortable to do pilates and also provides a very unique resistance that allows you to get the most out of your movement. The carriage (the part you lay on) actually rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. Each spring level provides different forms of resistance. You have the right protection and support with the shoulder blocks because that keeps you from sliding off while pushing the carriage back and forth. It also has long straps with handles on it so that you can pull it with your arms and legs. Your body weight and the resistance springs help make the movement more or less difficult to move. This can help you create more challenging or easier workouts depending on your pace. Use this to advantage when you first start out and gradually build to more effective workout routines.

Warming Up to Use the Reformer

Make sure you adjust everything according to how your body operates. Then you can begin warming up by first focusing on your breathing technique. This will help you engage your body before you working on the movement. Now, you can press your feet against the footbar and place your hand on ribcage and inhale deep to expand your ribs then exhale. Do this a few times to help create stability in your exercises. You’ll learn how to get your breathing under control for movements. Press your hands again your hipbone and start going into some good leg presses. Hips should be flat and you should exhale and inhale in a good rhythm. Keep your body relaxed while you do this as you push your core muscles to do all the work.

Different Workouts You Can Do With the Reformer

The reformer is very dynamic because it doesn’t just stand for one particular motion or workout. Normally when you work your core muscles, you’re laying flat. The reformer allows you more range of motion so you can hit lower body workouts, standing workouts, core exercises, and even upper body workouts. This can effectively be a full body workout with the core as the focus. You’ll be able to get more ripped and create a stronger body overall.