Upping Your Workout Game with Intermediate Pilates

Pilates can be a great game changer to your overall fitness regimen. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to learn how to do them, but it takes skill to find the different variations and difficulty marks to really get your body pumped up to another level. This take time and energy to really develop a full understanding of how your body works and reacts to the new movement. However, there are some basics to run across  before you begin hitting this intermediate level. Work on this slowly so that you get the form down and push your body past its limits. Here’s how to upgrade to intermediate pilates for your workout regimen.


Learning the Right Positioning and Breathing Techniques


It’s important before you get into the intermediate stage that you learn proper positioning and breathing so that you don’t harm yourself and you can create the stamina to last the duration of the workout. Start by sitting up with your hands under your legs and keep them tucked together while you work the vertebrae in your spine. Tuck your chin in the chest and slowly work down. Extend your feet as you lay your legs on the map and extend your arms above the head. Breathe in and exhale while you slightly rotate your hips and create a pelvic tilt. This helps you get keep your body properly aligned. Reach the fingertips above your head while you relax your shoulder. This helps you get your breathing down and makes it more relaxing for intense positioning later.

Straight Legs into Scissors


This is one of the more popular moves in pilates. Start by sitting yourself in the middle of the pilates mat, balance on your glutes and grab on the hamstrings. From this point, you’ll inhale then exhale to round out your vertebrae one at a time. You want to look straight ahead while keeping your spine in a neutral zone. Extend your legs toward the end of the mat and bring the arms straight up over your head, then take a deep breath. You can begin to go forward as far as you can while you exhale and pelvic tilt. Bring the arm along side of you, and bring the left leg in and extend it straight up. Pull the leg towards you for a nice stretch and then inhale and exhale right before you switch legs where the right leg goes up and the left leg declines. Repeat this until you have pull-switch kind of motion for some rounds.

Back Extension Movement

A sound core also includes a very strong back because it’s part of the stabilizing muscles that help keep your body together. Use the back end of the pilates mat and walk your hands forward. Gently rest on your tummy and stack your hands on top of each other and rest the chin on top of your hands or forehead (it’s your discretion to find what’s most comfortable). Keep your toes relaxed and your hips rotated but core tight. Take a deep breath and exhale then raise your hand and chin off the ground to do a small extension. Slowly lower your arms and chin to the surface and repeat until you feel your back and core contracting past your breaking point. These are just a few of the great intermediate workouts you can do with pilates.