Why are Abdominal Workouts Vital to your Overall Health?

Any doctor, personal trainer, or physical therapist worth their salt will tell you that the number one place you need to keep strong is your abdominal area. This isn’t simply because no one likes to have a beer belly or muffin top. It is because strong abdominal muscles are vital to a long and healthy life.

The roll of the Abdominal Muscle

We often take our abdominal muscles for granted. They don’t really do anything except hold in our organs right? Wrong! While it is true that the abdominal muscles are responsible for holding your organs in place; they are also responsible for keeping our body in alignment.

The larger muscles of the abdominal area take some of the strain off of the much smaller lower back muscles who are partially responsible for our being able to stand up right. This is one reason why so many people who have weak abdominals also have chronic lower back pain. Strengthening your abdomen will improve your posture which could possible correct some other pain issues that you have been having.

In addition to the two very important functions listed above, the abdominal muscles assist the lungs and diaphragm in the breathing process. Strong abdominal muscles make for stronger breathing.

And lastly on our list is coordination and balance. A strong core allows your other muscle groups to work more efficiently and increases your balance and coordination accordingly. Think of your core or abdominal muscle group as the glue that holds everything else together. Keep it healthy and everything else will be able to work smoothly.

More Abdominal Muscles

When talking about the abdominal area in this context it is not only the belly muscle being referred to. Those love handles on the side are also covering abdominal muscles. That is why simply doing sit-ups alone will not fix your abdominal strength issue. Sit-ups only work one set of abdominal muscles working in one direction.

Since our abdominal muscles are responsible for balance it is just as important to keep the oblique’s (the abdominal muscles that lay over the rib cage under the arms) strong. These are the abdominal muscles that get over looked the most. To work these you must move in a variety of different directions.

How to have a Strong Core

The best ways to improve your core are eating healthy, exercise, and watching your weight. Excess weight around the mid-section forces your abdominals to have to work over-time leaving them chronically fatigued. By eating a healthy diet that is not filled with junk food, fast food, and sugary items you will reduce the amount of weight around your mid-section and give your abdominals a much needed breather so that when you start working them out they can begin to work properly again.

Having sexy six pack abs is about more than looking great. It is also about feeling great health wise and confidence wise. Maintaining a strong core is the best way to keep active for many years to come.